Site Walkthrough

Follow this step-by-step walkthrough to find the part you are looking for and add it to your shopping cart. You can navigate back to the homepage or start the process here.

Step One: Search Manual

From the home page, click on the 'search manual' button located in the center of the page to find the vehicle you are looking for. Alternatively, you can always reach this page from the navigation bar labeled 'find manuals'.

Step Two: Find Vehicle

From the manual page, search for the vehicle that you are looking for. In our example, we are looking for the '8x8 Frontier'.

Step Three: Find Serial Number

Search for the serial number that corresponds to your vehicle's serial number.

Step Four: Find Part Breakdown

Navigate to the table of contents in the manual PDF. Search through the part breakdown to find the part within each category. In our example, we are looking for a part for our parking brake on page 11.

Step Five: Locate Part Ref. & Number

Locate the part reference you need within the diagram provided and locate the part number associated with the reference.

Step Six: Search Part Number

Find the 'Search Part Number' link from the navigation menu, input your part number into the search bar and click submit.

Step Seven: Select Part

Your part should show up below the search bar, click on part number to continue to the shopping cart. If a different sku shows up, make sure to check the 'replaces' text in the part title. For Help, please contact us at

Step Eight: Add To Cart/View Cart

Click the 'add to cart' button to place the part in your shopping cart. When the pop-up window appears, click 'view cart' to take you through the checkout process or click continue shopping to add more parts.

Having Any Issues?

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